Buying a Business

Every time someone buys a business, someone sells a business. Yet, buyer and seller motivations are different. A buyer wants positive cash flow, minimal risk and a fair price. In fact, the buyer wants a great deal, just as you would.

A seller wants 100% cash at closing and probably wants to leave for a long vacation the next day. A deal is consummated when buyer and seller agree.

A business acquisition is a complex process. We can help you buy a business at a fair price. After closing, we can help you realize increased equity by using our Value Builder tools. Although these tools are for sellers and for business owners who want to improve their company's value, you will get a good idea how comprehensive this process is. Consequently, you will have a better understanding why you would want to continue to work with us after your acquisition to improve the value of the business you purchased.


We will ask you questions to see if you have the mindset to sell your business.

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We offer guidance and education at every step in the process. Your criteria is used to identify potential businesses of interest. We discuss your interests, financial and technical capabilities and your business expertise. We look at suitable buying opportunities, including franchises. Location, business size, the industry and your lifestyle are paramount in your buying decision.

Once a listing is identified, we provide the information that you will need to make an informed decision.