Business Consulting

Business Consulting

At some point, as a business owner, you have to decide how and when to exit your business. As growth accelerates and you build equity, the exiting process increases in complexity.

Three-quarters of owners say they want to exit their business in the next decade, yet only 20% will have a satisfying financial exit. At Time4Exit we assist business owners like you in increasing the value of your business. We also assess your readiness to exit and most important we help you understand and navigate this complicated process. Then, we help your business find strategic buyers who will pay a higher price for your business.

If you plan early enough, you will have time to maximize your equity by improving your business value in ways that matter most to prospective buyers. Your cash flow and time horizon for exiting will have a substantial impact on realizing the equity in your business - equity you have been building since day one.

Take the 2 free questionnaires below and learn how you fare in "Personal Readiness to Exit" with PREScore and find out the current value and the potential value of your business with Value Builder.

Take the 5-minute FREE PREScore questionnaire to see if you have the mindset to sell your business.

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Learn how to increase your business value

Take the 13-minute Value Builder Assessment and learn how to improve your company's value before your sell.

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We created the Exit Strategy program used by SCORE. Working with all types of clients, we realized that most business owners have never considered what is the best time and the best way to exit their businesses.

We educate business owners about the key drivers of their business value. Then we put together a proven game-plan to increase company value. This results in a more valuable business that generally garners higher multiples of cash flow at exit.

We will recast your financial information to show your real profit. You will understand what steps are necessary to sell your business, and what factors make your company appealing to buyers.

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