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Time4Exit Services

As a certified Value Builder, we help you improve the 8 value drivers of your business to increase your cash-flow and obtain a higher multiple when you exit your business. We help facilitate the sale of your business and we help buyers find, vet and acquire a business.

The Value Builder System™ is a cloud-based platform to empower and enable advisors to attract, measure, assess, and coach business owners to enhance and optimize the value and sellability of their business.



"The day you start your business is the day you should prepare to sell it."

We help you navigate the twists and turns encountered along the business lifecycle with the goal of operating your business as though it were for sale today

Just the facts

May 24, 2019, Kiplinger Letter, Forecasts for Executives and Investors. The letter begins, “As America’s population gets older … many businesses will change hands in the coming years. Just as the workforce is aging, the ranks of business owners are grayer on average. A lot of owners are mulling how and when to sell. A quarter of business owners are over 60, a figure that will grow once all of the members of the baby boom generation reach retirement age. Lots of them intend to sell relatively soon … as many as half aim to do so in the next five years, according to one recent survey of business owners. But relatively few have an exit plan in place.”

Buyers will feel like kids in a candy store

Due to this potential selling frenzy, business prices will have downward pressure. There will be more competition seeking to attract scarce buyers. As a seller, forget about receiving an all-cash offer. If you want to sell, you will have to be open to holding paper. You may have a lot of competition and, all else being equal, selling multiples will invariably be less than they are now..


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